In memory of Patti.jpg

Patti took great pride in the accomplishments of the lab and she cherished her role as a mentor. In the past 18 years, that included mentoring 3 long standing staff member, 8 postdocs, 14 graduate students and countless undergraduates. Patti’s enthusiasm for science was contagious, which made the lab a vibrant place to work.  She had endless ideas for projects and when our experiments were not going well she was right there encouraging us to keep moving forward. However, what really made her lab a special place went beyond science, Patti had gift for making a unique and personal connection with every lab member and her warmth and openness brought us all together.  She also encouraged fun, both in and outside the lab, and this environment led to creative science, many lasting friendships and lots of great memories.  We could not have asked for a more supportive mentor and she will continue to be our role model as we move forward with our careers. 

-Members of the Keely Lab